Odom Rehab


Are you interested in joining the Odom Rehab team? Work with some of the top professionals in the industry and be a part of a team committed to improving how senior care is done. 

Who We Are 

Odom Rehab is a company of physical, occupational, and speech therapists. We service: 

  • Senior Housing Communities. We dedicate a consistent team of therapists to each assisted living facility. Our therapists form relationships with building staff, sharing the mission to improve residents’ lives.
  • Outpatient/Part B Provider. We are an outpatient therapy provider. This allows us the opportunity to leverage our full scope of practice, freedom to provide appropriate therapy dosing and a chance to partner with our patients on their therapy journey from start to finish. 


Employee Benefits

Our passion is to be the best at empowering our community toward independent and healthy living. Whether you are a new grad just starting your therapy career, or a veteran looking for a change, Odom Rehab offers an environment to grow personally and professionally, with truly rewarding work while maintaining a work-life balance. Our benefits include: 

  • Competitive wages 
  • Bonus opportunities
  • Paid maternity/paternity leave 
  • Health insurance 
  • 401k plans 
  • Fitness reimbursement

Our Differentiators 

Therapist-Based Leadership Team 

Odom Rehab’s management team is made up of PTs, OTs and SLPs that have worked in the field at Odom Rehab, and still do. They are intimately tuned in to the needs of our therapists, and provide ongoing and relevant support. 

Collaboration and Culture 

Odom Rehab creates small teams of PTs, OTs and SLPs within each assisted living community, promoting a culture of teamwork and collaboration. 


Odom therapists have significant autonomy in the way they cultivate relationships with staff, manage their buildings, and spend day-to-day operations. 

Small Company Vibes 

Odom Rehab is growing, but we are still a small company at heart. With approachable leadership, minimal red tape and local ownership, you will feel like an individual, rather than a number. 

Appropriate Productivity Standards 

Our standards are set by therapists intimately familiar with your job’s expectations. Our average productivity of 72% allows you to meet the needs of your patients ethically and responsibly. 


Because our patients live where we work, this offers tremendous flexibility in choosing a schedule that matches your lifestyle. Examples include four-day work weeks, working weekends, and frontloading hours early in the week.


Why Odom

Our foundation is predicated on two principles from which we have never wavered and never will: 

  • Patients are Priority

To provide proactive, patient-centered care that reflects what we would want for ourselves, our parents, and our grandparents. Relationships and outcomes take precedent over administrative standards. 

  • We Put Employee Happiness at the Forefront

To change what it means to be a therapist in the field of geriatric rehab. Our therapist-based leadership has been with us since the very beginning. At the end of 2021, they set out on a mission to make Odom Rehab the best place in the world to be a therapist. 


Interested in joining us on this mission? Apply to work with Odom Rehab!