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Senior Care Programs

Odom Rehab’s comprehensive senior care programs focus on fall prevention, dementia management, and the successful transition to new homes

Safe and Sound: A Holistic Approach to Balance and Fall Prevention

“Safe and Sound” is an unparalleled falls and balance program, proven to increase seniors’ safety. 

Odom Rehab’s therapists combat the greatest contributing factors associated with falls with a comprehensive approach. Our program ensures that the residents of senior communities are healthy, engaged, and thriving.

Our Method

  • Identify risk and assess: We collaborate with nursing, caregivers, and family to identify modifiable risk factors.
  • Intervene: We address the whole person, proactively intervening to minimize fall risk. 
  • Ongoing monitoring: Odom Rehab is a consistent and accessible clinical resource in the community. Our unique position cultivates an ongoing relationship with residents which allows us to identify early signs of decline and immediate intervention.

Our Focus 

  • Lower body weakness. We target the specific muscles that contribute to stability.
  • Difficulties with walking and balance. Optimizing gait pattern and refining balance reactions steadies mobility. 
  • Vision problems. Assessing vision and modifying the environment accommodates vision deficits. 
  • Footwear and foot pain. Safe and comfortable footwear builds stability from the ground up. 
  • Home hazards and dangers. Our 100-point checklist ensures safe mobility and accessibility within the home.
  • Care team collaboration. Odom experts coordinate with physicians and nurses within the community to advocate for your wellness. 

Outcomes of the Safe and Sound Program

Residents will gain confidence, safety, and independence in the home and mobility in the community.

SensAbility: Dementia Care Through Sensory Stimulation

SensAbility is a multi-faceted approach to dementia management. This program focuses on incorporating opportunities that stimulate intact abilities through sensory processes (sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste). 

A Collaboration of Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists

The goal is to optimize a resident’s care and increase quality of life. Doing so results in decreased incidents and a more comforting environment. 

Odom Rehab: 

  • Identifies and implements appropriate environmental changes. 
  • Evaluates and analyzes the individual’s intact abilities.
  • Develops a comprehensive, individualized stimulation program. 
  • Provides caregiver and family education and training on: 
    • Customized engagement stimulation plans. 
    • Strategies and techniques to improve ease and success of daily activities. 

Therapy Can Include: 

  • Smell: Integrating classic scents into the environment can promote reminiscing, improve orientation, and encourage relaxation. 
  • Touch: A Montessori approach to environmental design encourages natural engagement. 
  • Sight: Lighting and contrast can improve participation with eating, daily cares, and socialization. 
  • Hearing: Pairing music and activity can decrease symptoms of sundowning, increase compliance with cares, and improve attention. 

Outcomes of Sensory Stimulation

  • Increased socialization, engagement and quality of life 
  • Less pharmacological interventions
  • Improved safety and decreased risk of falls 
  • Decreased behavioral incidents 
  • Improved caregiver understanding of disease process
  • Enhanced caregiver and resident interactions 
  • Improvements to a more calm and comforting environment 
  • Increased ease of transition for new residents

The Right Fit: Finding Success in Your New Home

The Right Fit is a unique program provided by therapy experts to set seniors up for success in their new home. 


Upon moving in, a skilled therapist will perform a screening. If the senior is identified as a positive candidate for the program, The Right Fitwill begin right away. 


36 million seniors fall every year. The Right Fit℠ pairs seniors with Odom therapists that are certified to minimize the top five risks for falls. 


The Right Fit℠ program looks at the whole environment, from organizing closets to finding the dining room to being comfortable in a new community. 

How Much 

Medicare recognizes the importance of being proactive when it comes to health and safety. As such, Part B benefits cover The Right Fit℠ as well as subsequent therapy interventions.

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