Occupational Therapy

The Odom Rehab team of occupational therapists (OT) are dedicated to ensuring each of their patients achieves their highest level of function and eliminating barriers to engaging in meaningful activity. The OT team is specially trained to ensure that everyone they work with receives care that is tailored to their unique needs. The scope of OT practice is holistic and broad, covering many areas including: acquiring and utilizing adaptive equipment, improving cognitive processes, improving upper body function, and fine motor skills, falls prevention, dementia management, patient and caregiver education, home safety assessments and more. Through activity analysis and providing a function-based approach our team ensures the best outcomes are achieved for our clients as evidenced by an average of 34% improvement in independence with Activities of Daily Living.

Scope of Practice Includes

Falls Prevention/Reduction
General Deconditioning
Vertigo and Dizziness
Prehab before surgery
Chronic and Acute Pain
Parkinson’s Disease Management
Home Exercise Programs
Cardiovascular Health
COPD Management
Range of Motion
CVA Rehab (Chronic and Acute)
Rehab after Joint Replacement
Home Safety Assessments
Bed Mobility
Gait Training
Transfers and Mobility
Assistive Device Training
Bone Fractures
Back Pain
Neck Pain