Occupational Therapy

The Odom Rehab team of occupational therapists (OT) are dedicated to ensuring each of their patients achieves their highest level of function and eliminating barriers to engaging in meaningful activity. The OT team is specially trained to ensure that everyone they work with receives care that is tailored to their unique needs. The scope of OT practice is holistic and broad, covering many areas including: acquiring and utilizing adaptive equipment, improving cognitive processes, improving upper body function, and fine motor skills, falls prevention, dementia management, patient and caregiver education, home safety assessments and more. Through activity analysis and providing a function-based approach our team ensures the best outcomes are achieved for our clients as evidenced by an average of 34% improvement in independence with Activities of Daily Living.

Scope of Practice Includes

Falls Prevention/Reduction
General Deconditioning
Vertigo and Dizziness
Prehab before surgery
Chronic and Acute Pain
Parkinson’s Disease Management
Home Exercise Programs
Cardiovascular Health
COPD Management
Range of Motion
CVA Rehab (Chronic and Acute)
Rehab after Joint Replacement
Home Safety Assessments
Bed Mobility
Gait Training
Transfers and Mobility
Assistive Device Training
Bone Fractures
Back Pain
Neck Pain
Activities of Daily Living

Odom Occupational Therapists specialty is getting our clients more independent with daily routines- including things like showers, dressing, managing medications, and cooking.  Improving your independence in these areas keeps you safer, decreases your reliance on caregivers and helps you feel more like yourself.  Anything that is important to you is important to us, and we help you figure out how to achieve it!

Caregiver Education

It is crucial that these achievements transfer into your daily life once therapy is over.  Odom OTs collaborate with your caregivers and family members to ensure that they have the proper education, training and tools to maintain your range of motion, pain management, strength, mobility techniques, and day-to-day strategies in order to keep you doing what matters most to you. 

Cognitive Assessments

Odom Occupational Therapists (OTs) are experts at assessing your cognitive abilities, and then matching your environment to best meet your needs.  Odom OTs collaborate with your care team to identify the types of services and assistance that you need, advocating for your independence while ensuring your safety.  Baseline measures are often taken in order to quickly and easily detect if changes have occurred, and when identified, OTs coordinate services accordingly. 

COPD Management

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is progressive in nature, meaning its symptoms worsen over time.  However, Odom Therapists can help in any stage.  They can provide education when first given the diagnosis, proactively build your stamina and activity tolerance, teach energy conservation strategies, and guide you in managing supplemental oxygen.  Our goal is to maintain your highest quality of life, and allow you to continue to do the things most important to you.

Dementia Management

Odom Therapists are specially trained to work with clients with dementia, meeting them where they are at to optimize their quality of life.  Odom Occupational Therapists are experts at reducing behaviors, maximizing skills for independence, analyzing and grading sensory skills and activities, and collaborating with caregivers to develop successful strategies for care. Odom Rehab offers unparalleled dementia programming: SensAbility was created and is implemented by Odom Therapists, and is designed to stimulate intact abilities through sensory processes to optimize a resident’s care. 

Edema Management

Edema can be caused by a myriad of factors.  Odom Occupational Therapists (OTs) help identify the cause of the edema and collaborate with your care team to address it at its source.  OTs utilize tools like compression garments, employ strategies for edema reductions, and make adaptations to your environment to reduce or eliminate the functional disruptions caused by edema. 

Falls Prevention/Reduction:

Odom Occupational Therapists utilize a holistic approach to address strength and mobility, modify the environment, and perform task analysis to reduce falls and keep you safe. Odom Therapists operationalize our “Safe and Sound” program to combat the top contributing factors of falls. Our therapists use a comprehensive approach, grounded in evidenced-based treatments and tailored to address your specific circumstances.  Through identification, intervention and ongoing monitoring, Odom’s programming improves balance by 31%

Home Exercise Program
If you’re looking for tips on how to use fitness equipment, or simple at home activities, our therapists create customized programs that keep you safe and strong.  Exercising outside of therapy increases the rate of recovery, and mastering the programs with your therapist will allow you to transition to independent performance and maintenance once you’ve reached all of your goals. 
Home Safety Assessments

8 million seniors fall each year.  Often, these falls occur within the first 30 days of moving into a new home.  Odom Rehab developed a unique program, The Right Fit℠, designed to improve your safety within your home.  The program follows a 100-point checklist, and sets you up for success by assessing your whole environment, from the organization of your closet or the set up of your furniture, to your ability to access your favorite chair or get in and out of the shower.  Medicare recognizes the importance of being proactive when it comes to your health and safety.  As such, your Part B benefits cover The Right Fit, as well as subsequent therapy interventions to address any noted concerns. Odom Rehab guarantees a therapist assessment within 48 hours of first contact to ensure you feel safe in your own home. 

Low Vision Adaptations

According to the CDC, there are several factors related to falls, but one of the top contributing factors is vision problems.  Odom Occupational Therapists are experts at assessing your vision, and then modifying your environment to accommodate your specific vision deficits.  Odom therapists also connect you with community resources to tap into all that is available to you. 


Pain is incredibly complex, impacted by physical stimuli, but also by things like stress, living environment, and mental state.  At Odom Rehab, we believe in “Know Pain, Know Gain”.  We teach you about your pain- why it exists, what it is telling you, and how to relieve it.  Odom therapists address pain from all angles, including stretching, manual therapy, exercise, breathing techniques, mindfulness, yoga, aerobic fitness, splinting, relaxation, pool therapy, and more. 

Parkinson’s Disease Management
Parkinson’s Disease affects every person differently.  Symptoms vary in presence and intensity.  Our therapists address your situation.  Examples of interventions that Odom Occupational Therapists typically focus on include: adaptive equipment for self-feeding, writing and dressing; building activity tolerance; optimizing performance of activities of daily living (toileting, dressing, showering); upper body and grip strengthening and coordination. Your treatment is uniquely designed to optimize your functional capacity and your overall health, addressing the aspects most important to you.  
Power Mobility Assessments

Power mobility devices give individuals a wonderful opportunity to move about their extended community.  Odom Occupational Therapists provide pre-driving assessments, including things like the Motor-Free Visual Perception Test (MVPT), as well as active driving assessments and training, to ensure that power mobility equipment is used safely and appropriately in all scenarios.

Upper Extremity/Hand Disorders

Odom Occupational Therapists (OTs) are experts on the human body and its related dysfunction and disorders.  Our OTs treat the source of dysfunction through a combination of stretching, strengthening, manual therapy, postural correction, coordination training, taping/bracing/splinting, and more to allow you the highest level of independence and comfort completing the activities you love. 

Urinary Incontinence
Did you know that urinary incontinence (UI) is one of top three reasons for falling?  Not to mention the frustration and hassle that also comes along with it.  Odom Occupational Therapists address UI via a multi-faceted approach including bladder training and exercises, voiding schedules, selection and utilization of incontinence products, and more to keep you safe, hygienic and comfortable.
Wheelchairs and Equipment

The world of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is vast and ever changing.  Odom Rehab therapists continuously stay up to date: they learn which equipment best suits a client’s needs; they follow upgrades, updates and new technology to offer state-of-the-art products; they evaluate distributors and insurances to get equipment at the best price.  Odom therapists take you through every step- from identifying the equipment, to ordering and installing, to modifying new and existing equipment, to training on its use. Our occupational therapists specialize in hospital beds, mechanical lifts, wheelchairs, walkers, shower and toileting equipment, and more.