One of the reasons I’m so passionate about what we do for seniors at Odom Rehab is that we have evidence that our efforts work.  Industry statistics demonstrate that our clinical model results in a 35% reduction in hospitalizations for senior living residents.

We conduct an audit twice a year with the residents that live in the buildings of one of our partner communities. The report captures the clinical outcomes achieved.  What gets me excited is that the Improvements in these measures are directly correlated with reductions in hospitalizations and community move-outs.

We tracked the progress of 1149 residents in 28 communities. Below are the average improvements measured between July 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021:

Functional Mobility: ↑ 24.3.%

Balance: ↑ 25.2%

Pain: ↑ 36.9%

Gait Speed: ↑ 34.9%

Strength: ↑ 25.2%

Transfer Independence: ↑ 33.6%

ADL Independence: ↑ 17.6%

We determined our findings by comparing documentation from a resident’s initial evaluation with documentation from when the resident completed therapy services.  For example, to quantify balance improvement we use the Tinetti Balance and Gait assessment, which evaluates the quality of gait and balance deficits with very high inter-rater reliability.  We look at additional objective data like this to capture all the outcomes in the report.

We are always looking for new senior housing providers with whom we can partner to capture and report data that demonstrates the value of both the Odom Rehab model and the community as a whole.  It is my sincere belief that sharing this kind of data is a fundamental responsibility of a therapy partner as it allows the community to tell a compelling story to prospective residents, adult children and referral sources about the potential to improve independence after moving into the community.